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View the winning entries of the Future Forecast competition.

Secondary schools, JCs and equivalent

Cat 1 Finalist 1
Friendless in a Burning world
By Ananditha Rajalakshmi Ramaswami

Cat 1 Finalist 2
A Fragment Of Humanity
By Shriya Harini Chari

Cat 1 Finalist 3
Sacrificed for a World of Immersive Utopia
By Sarah Kuah (Ke YuTong)

Cat 1 Finalist 4
The T Burger
By Ramerez Ong Kiat Ming

Cat 1 Finalist 5
Thicker Than Water
By Benaiah Leong Kai Le

Cat 1 Finalist 6
Singaporean Laputa
By Lim Miao Xuan

Cat 1 Finalist 7
The Light of Day
By Yeo Tai Leng Adele

Cat 1 Finalist 8
Games of War
By Kate Low Li En

Cat 1 Finalist 9
*Audience’s Choice Winner

2053: Afloat
By Huang Xinrui

Cat 1 Finalist 10
I’m Still Here
By Jow Jia Tong Claire

Institutes of Higher Learning

Cat 2 Finalist 1
Forgotten Futures: Fractured & Forlorn
By Meghnna Sajeev

Cat 2 Finalist 2
Artificial Connections
By Low Ler Wei Sharleen

Cat 2 Finalist 3
Lending a helping bubble
By Chee Wei Ting

Cat 2 Finalist 4
Not to My Taste
By Ryan Fan Ruiming

Cat 2 Finalist 5
Ivory Suites
By Tan Wan Lin

Cat 2 Finalist 6
My Mother’s Sand Crabs
By Claire Tan Xue Min

Cat 2 Finalist 7
Concert Mania in Singapore 2053
By Pang Ren Jie, Adriale

Cat 2 Finalist 8
By Du MeiJie

Cat 2 Finalist 9
Amor Fati
By Ng Jun Heng, Rayson

Cat 2 Finalist 10
*Audience’s Choice Winner
Touching Grass
By See Rui Qian Xavier

Category 1: Secondary schools, JCs and Equivalent

Category 2: Institutes of Higher Learning