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Tell us YOUR vision and stand a chance to win some attractive prizes! Winners get $1,000 each plus exclusive workshops or internships!

Welcome to 2053.

What does the future look like for you?

As the lines between physical and digital worlds rapidly merge, how will new technologies transform the way we live, work and play?

You are able to buy anything you could ever need – at the touch of a button, but how will  this way ofconsumption affect our society and culture?

Medical breakthroughs are helping us to live longer despite pandemics and new diseases. As we pursue longer and healthier lives –  – for instance, with bionic implants or 3D-printed organs if we need them -where will science take us?

Our Earth is heating up at a rate that we cannot control, resulting in rising sea levels, scorching heat waves and the loss of plant and animal life.Is there still time to make a U-turn, or are we headed towards an eco-disaster?

In this new age, do we have what it takes to survive – even thrive – and how?

Through pop culture like books, movies and games, we have seen many creative minds share their unique takes on what tomorrow will hold.

Now, it is your turn to share your Future Forecast. Bleak or bright, better or bitter, or perhaps something in between, we are calling on YOU to look at our world today, flex your imagination, and tell us the story of what  2053 looks like to you.

 In a future that has yet to come, there are no right or wrong answers! 


Is technology leading us to an immersive utopia or a metaverse of madness?

Sustainable Living

What new lifestyles or innovation can help salvage our dying planet?

Longer Lifespans

As science promises longer, healthier and better lives, what will it cost us – and will it widen the divide between the haves and have-nots?

Future of Consumption

What brave new world awaits the shoppers of tomorrow – and how will the way we buy shape our culture and values?

Your View

Tell us how you see the future. Share your story depicting your vision or concerns for the future, whether you think it would be better or worse, or the opportunities or challenges and implications you foresee. These could range from what it means to be living in the digital age, the challenges of living sustainably, the implications of living longer or how to maintain the standard of living that people want – or a combination of it all.